TAB WORSHIP – is the vibrant passion-filled worship sound emanating from the Tab Church London, a thriving multicultural and contemporary church in the South East of London, England. 

Tab Worship is comprised of an outstanding team of gifted worship leaders, writers, singers and musicians who serve each week as the vanguard of the worship experience and expression at The Tab Church.

The eclectic musical style coming through Tab Worship represents the diversity of the congregation and the varied experiences of the Tab worship writing team and worship leaders.  These individuals collaborate their gifts and faith to produce spiritually inspiring worship songs through which the Tab, many other churches and worship leaders across the world continue to be blessed.

The Vision

Tab Worship are determined, under the inspiration of God's Spirit and with the foundation of God’s Word, to write songs with simple language but serious faith, songs to inspire people to sing, not just good music to listen to, but songs that worship leaders can use to inspire congregations to boldly 'declare' both praise- filled celebration and devotional surrender to the Lordship of Christ.


The songs written and recorded by the Tab Worship have all been birthed and inspired by God’s Spirit and the messages taught in the weekly Tab services.  Some of the popular titles which include “The Cross”, “Worshipper”, “The Declaration” and “Make Me” can be heard on the Tab Worship’s debut live Album  ‘DECLARATION’.



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